LEADERSHIP DIXIE ACADEMY students are encouraged to volunteer their time for various community events, and to include their friends in these opportunities. To be a leader, you need others to follow; and the best way to lead is through inspiration and example. Points are awarded for each hour Leadership Dixie Academy students spend volunteering in our community, plus they receive points for each hour their friends spend helping the cause as well. The school and students with the most points, will win the coveted “Valedictorian” award, which can proudly be displayed on resumes, college scholarship and job applications. For many of these organizations, it’s the individual’s commitment to others that sets them apart from others who apply.

Volunteer hours are collected on each Challenge Day for the previous month.

Click HERE for a copy of the form.


Students also participate in their school’s“Social Responsibility Project”. (SRP) Each school creates their own project to assist a need in their school, community, or for an individual. Each            student should put a minimum of 10-hours towards the project, and encourage fellow classmates to get involved in their cause. A friendly competition between all five schools to have the best outcome from their project makes this a FUN way to serve others. Parents and family members are also encouraged to show their support / get involved. Click here for information on project scoring.


  • “Teddy Bear Toss” for IHC Pediatric Unit
  • Collecting New/Used Books for Washington City Library and Purgatory Prison
  • Haircuts for Cancer
  • Reading Program for Elementary Students
  • Intervention Program for High Risk Middle School  Students
  • Interior restoration & creating a new backyard area for DOVE Center
  • “No Texting and Driving” Assembly
  • “Talent Show Fundraiser” for a fellow student’s  mother diagnosed with cancer
  • Assembly to honor Military Servicemen and their families
  • Recycle Laptops for Education