is an elite educational and leadership training program that was created specifically for high school-age participants within the Washington County School District of Southern Utah.

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Five students from each local high school in the District (Desert Hills, Dixie, Hurricane, Pine View, and Snow Canyon) are hand-selected each school year to attend this unique program. Students may apply on their own, or can be nominated by their teachers, counselors, advisors, coaches or other mentors outside of the school. Students are selected on their achievements and leadership potential, as well as their service to their community. Students are not required to hold a leadership position in their school to apply. Anyone who will be a Junior or Senior during the school year, and holds a 3.0 or higher GPA may apply to participate.


The class of 25 students participate in off-campus field trips with their peers, District and Academy Advisors, as well as industry leaders who share their knowledge and expertise for that day’s topic. These monthly, 6-hour training sessions (which take place during the school day and are officially-excused by the District) are called Challenge Days. Students participate in interactive, hands-on activities as they network with local business professionals and learn to become successful contributors in their community.



“To keep our outstanding youth in the county, we strive to build community leaders through networking with business and current leaders who will mentor the students by educating them on the benefits of our area while preparing them for future leadership roles.